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Read this, “I Know Times Are Changing,” by Anil Dash Though the idea of “blue states” and “red states” wouldn’t catch on for another two decades, it’s an appropriate framework for Purple Rain’s goals; The song was designed as a perfect amalgamation of red and blue tastes. Much has been made of Prince’s pioneering role […]

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S.E.O. …Shut the Front Door Part II


Everyone has their two cents to post, type, say about S.E.O. and some of these people that spew out the information are giving you awesome tips of the trade from reputable sources but not citing their source thus passing it off as if they are some S.E.O. guru when of course we know they are not, LOL.

I am no S.E.O. guru that is evident from my last blog where I equated the whole situation to practically to a guessing game of hit and misses, having the common sense to remove yourself from the chain of thought when choosing keywords and the fickle mind of the masses.  That still did not stop me from passing my information to you I just cited my information of which I would like to see more people do because if they know so much about S.E.O. then shouldn’t they be like some huge Super Media Outlet but most of the times the individuals or, at least, the ones that I have come across are not. Perhaps it is the I make a better coach than player theory at work here, hee hee.


The bottom line to my post today is I am going to pass on some more S.E.O. Tips in the next couple of follow up posts because there are some many steps involved with S.E.O, tags, #hashtag, etc., etc. that you need to tackle if you want to get it right.

As a matter of fact, I am now going to change the name of this post to 100 free tips of S.E.O. So stay tuned for the next post. Enjoy!

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S.E.O. …Ugh…Shut the front….


HASHTAGSearch Engine Optimization or commonly known as S.E.O. can be a friend or foe, to your online business or endeavor. V. Beal from defines an S.E.O.; as a “methodology of strategies, techniques, and tactics used to increase the number of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) — including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines”(What is Search Engine Optimization,, 2015). by V. Beal

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Online selling…tough but Etsy can save the day!


Online selling can be rough but with sound advice, hard work and an affiliate company that offers GREAT tools AND support YOU can be quite successful. Please keep in mind the meaning or word success is different for each one of us so while success means money to some to others it is having the platform or forum to share their talents.
One such place is Etsy where people can share their talents while they earn money. Being an advocate for small business owners, I am impressed with the Etsy format. Etsy knows what small business owners need. The competition on Etsy may appear intimidating yet remove this thought from your mind the community is so welcoming and helpful…those thoughts are gone.

Concentrate on your Brand….then success will follow!

So, you are wondering what makes Etsy so awesome…well, I cannot possibly type about every aspect but as aforementioned the community is a huge positive then the support and tools are other positive aspects — like shipping. Etsy provides a user-friendly format when it comes to shipping. Take for example shipping can be a logistical nightmare for a mom and pop shop. Mailing packages, weighing, insurance, forms to match…ugh, what a hassle. Yet Etsy offers tools to help “mom and pop” ease the pains of shipping to the customer. I will not go into details but I have had horrible experiences with shipping, rules, and regulations with a huge conglomerate that uses an arrow for a smile (hint, hint). Etsy, gives you all the shipping forms, explains types of containers, insurance, etc. and this is available for both domestic and international mailings. That other company serves you a penalty if you do not know all that information or ship using their carrier.
So in close, while this may read as an ad or cheer for Etsy of which I am not ashamed of it really isn’t what this post merely hopes to achieve is to provide inspiration that online selling is tough but doable and you can be successful.
Here is sound advice to help with your online small business:
1. Family and friends are not customers yet they can be great for spreading the “word”. Use them more like social media than customers.
2. Your first wave of steady sales may not happen until month two and three of any venture — this is around the same time you have pretty much settled into the application that you are using, your daily routine, marketing, etc.
3. Finally, slow and steady wins the race — be more concerned on building your BRAND, what sets you apart from everyone else; then watch all those sales come rushing.
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What should schools stop teaching so that they can make time for other things?

I was asked to answer this question on the following is my response:

Dèsirèe Domingo McFallar, Masters in Education

What should schools stop teaching so that they can make time for other things? The number one teaching agenda or ideal curriculum is to STOP TEACHING the usual rhetoric, which obviously from scores and reports are not working to allowing educators to ignite the students natural need and want to learn. By allowing educators to build curriculums around content necessary for graduation, we can ensure that student achievement and teaching outcomes will rise to the levels that America can be proud of which have not happened in a long time.